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Nature, Nature, Nature

The Writer’s Flow Tropical Retreat was created by Dr. A. Rene Brathwaite with the aim to provide professionals and students with an ultimate writing experience. The goal is to ensure that participants clearly comprehend writing structure and essential aspects of writing methods.   

Let’s connect outdoors. A natural backdrop conducive for writing will be the catalyst for releasing your inner voice. The Writer’s Flow Tropical Retreat & Workshop will be held on the magnificently sunny and relaxing beach of Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort, 3030 Holiday Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316.

Revitalizing the mind and warming up the soul will be essential preliminary activities as we emotionally, intellectually, mentally, and physically prepare for writing via:

  • sunrise yoga

  • barefoot and free morning salsa

  • brisk walks on the beach

  • writing inspiration sessions

Getting down to writing business, creative writing, technical writing, poetry, and more: CURRICULUM

Daily Breakfast will include:

  • assortment of pastries

  • fresh baked bread

  • fresh eggs (any style)

  • natural juices

  • tropical fruit

  • cold cereal (granola, Kashi, corn flakes etc…)

  • ceviche

Lunch will include:

  • signature pasta dish of the day

  • coconut rice

  • plantains

  • green salad

  • grilled chicken (Panamanian style)

  • seafood (fish, lobster, shrimp)

Snacks & soft drinks during workshop

Retreat Menu
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