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A vital factor that can influence your ability to attain the job that you desire is your performance at an interview. Colossal Expression will help you comprehend the interviewing process. “Acing” an interview is contingent upon your appearance, body language, grammar, and confidence. Most individuals that interview for a particular job generally have the educational background and experience to perform the job. However, they may not be able to represent the company in terms 

Interview Skills Development

of personality and external image as they are not a “good fit”. Putting forth the effort to effectively prepare for a job interview can prove to be a life altering experience that will impact your professional path for many years to come. Successful engagement in an interview will increase your chances of being offered the dream job. Through mock face-to-face and telephone interviews, Colossal Expression will teach you how to develop a positive attitude, create a 

professional appearance, use appropriate body language, understand common interview questions, close/follow up an interview, and conduct essential organizational research (i.e., philosophy, culture, vision, mission, economic development, leadership, and demographics). Simply sharpening your interviewing skills is a prudent measure, which will prepare you to use the techniques that showcase your knowledge, feature your articulation, and highlight your personality traits.

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