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ANISSA RENÉ BRATHWAITE is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She takes great pride in being a product of its religious institutions and public/private school system. As New York City is the “Immigration Capital” of the world, Anissa attributes her exposure to the many ethnocentric differences in her community as direct influences that have shaped her mode of thinking. Her sincere, objective openness to people, circumstances, change, and diversity has afforded Anissa with the ability to interact with individuals that extend the gamut of race, education, social/economic status, and physical characteristics.

Throughout her childhood, teenage years, and in her professional life, Anissa has traveled extensively within the United States and internationally. Stemming from a strong familial background, Anissa feels that her very existence as a woman today comes from the potent role the men and women in her family have played in her life. Anissa understands the meaning of strong leadership, and can respect an honest and powerful person in authority that can make sound decisions for those who are under his or her guidance. According to Anissa, there is no need to lose your identity or sense of purpose under strong leadership and authority; an effective leader brings out the best in a person. She credits her family, church, schools, and community with instilling in her the basic values, which molded her direction in life.

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