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Through success and innovative methods in educational management, image consultation, grant writing, editing oratory development, and educational services, Colossal Expression will be renowned by its professional colleagues, community members, and public/private organizations as a leading, educational consultant company of diligence and distinction that fosters personal, professional, and financial growth for its clientele who in turn will possess leadership and confidence to operate with integrity related to ethical professional practices, and making sound professional decisions as contributing members in society.

Mission Statement

Centered on dependability, trustworthiness and candid consultation, Colossal Expression’s mission is to provide an impressive selection of comprehensive and diverse educational services that can be easily and affordably obtained by hosts of clients as they gain opportunities to achieve educational goals through accessing resources that promote tangible and intrinsic results for academic, career and personal satisfaction.



Dr. Brathwaite rewrote my resume, and her style of resume writing brought my skills and talents to the forefront in a comprehensive way from copious amounts of background data to a well- polished document.


Dr. Anissa Brathwaite is a very personable and talented individual who diligently "peels back the onion" to understand your greatest talents and abilities. She then turns this information into a highly polished document.

K. Greene

Financial Professional

Financial Services

Dr. Anissa Brathwaite and I have worked on some education projects and the precision, professionalism, and care that goes into her work is the reason I continue going back to her for exceptional results.


When Anissa helped me with my education project that needed clarity and better structure, she took the guesswork out of how I needed to start it from the beginning to completion.


If you want someone who cares about your project as if it were her own, seek out Anissa. I guarantee you will be satisfied. She enjoys helping others and always finds an innovative way to approach a topic. Anissa is a keen listener, which is needed in her area of expertise.    


Dwayne Bynum

College Professor

City University of New York

Dr. Brathwaite is an active board member of Women United for Women Inc. (WUFW) Dr. Brathwaite has played an integral part in the reestablishment of WUFW. As a board member, Dr. Brathwaite has taken on the responsibility as the organization's Grants Writer, a role that is paramount to the survival of WUFW. 


I have known Dr. Brathwaite for over 10 years. The professional relationship that has evolved over the past years has grown into a personal friendship of awe and respect. Her wealth of knowledge and character speaks volumes to her work ethics and dedication of service. The professionalism exhibited by Dr. Brathwaite lends to the services she delivers as the Chief Consultant of Colossal Expression. No matter what service you entrust Dr. Brathwaite to provide for you through Colossal Expression, know that you will be authentically satisfied. 

Dr. J. Hawkins


Women United for Women Inc.

Dr. Anissa Brathwaite has assisted me by performing personal and business (ministry) related work.


On a professional level, she is always proficient in writing resumes and cover letters. On a business level, she has assisted me with coordinating special projects in ministry such as iPad and the logistics of starting a church in the south via a prayer initiative.


I found Dr. Brathwaite’s work to be thorough and very detailed in addressing areas that were targeted. She always added a special element of intelligence and creativity in every facet of work she does, which she specifically tailors towards the character of the person, as well as towards the nature of the assignment at hand.

Lawrence Saunders

Senior Pastor

Word for Life Christian Church

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